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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dates for the 2013 Graduate Studies Program (GSP)?
The 2013 GSP program is scheduled for June 15-August 25, 2013.
2. Where can I learn more about the GSP program?
Please review for a description of the GSP program.
3. How many people participate in the GSP program?
Each summer, 80 participants from around the world attend the GSP program.
4. Where is the GSP program located?
The GSP is held at Singularity University’s campus at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, California.
5. How do I apply to attend the GSP program?
There are two channels to apply to attend the GSP program, as described below.
(A) SU alumni ambassadors host annual global impact competitions (GIC) that are open to citizens of their respective nations. The winner of each GIC is awarded the opportunity to attend the GSP program and a tuition waiver. Each summer, approximately 20 GIC winners attend the GSP. Visit for more information regarding participation in global impact competitions.
(B) Approximately 60 places in the GSP program are allocated through an online admissions process. Potential candidates submit an application via our admissions portal at The portal includes a link to a GSP13 Application Process Guide that contains a list of questions included in the online application. All online applicants are evaluated by SU staff and faculty members. Next, SU will conduct interviews with a small group of finalists. Successful online applicants will be selected from that group.
6. What is the online admissions timetable for the 2013 GSP Program?
  • •    January 31st, 2013: Online application submission deadline is 5 pm (Pacific time zone)
    •    January 2013: Online applicants evaluated
    •    February 2013: Online finalists short listed and interviewed
    •    February 2013: Successful online applicants notified
    •    April 2013: Financial Assistance to qualified finalists determined
    •    April 2013: Alumni mentors assigned
    •    May 2013: Onsite housing assigned
    •    June 2013: Participants arrive at SU
7. How much does it cost to attend SU?
The program fee for the 10-week Graduate Studies Program is US $25,000. This fee covers tuition, all housing and scheduled meals, academic materials, and site visits. However, it does not include travel to and from the program, which is a separate expense paid by each participant.
Singularity University encourages applications from members of underrepresented populations worldwide. In 2013, SU is sponsoring 8 full fellowships through an internal scholarship program. These include two full scholarships for women; three full fellowships for citizens of African nations; and three full fellowships for citizens from nations located in the geographic region of Asia.
Successful applicants are expected to raise tuition funds through a combination of personal finances, corporate sponsorships, individual donations via crowdfunding platforms, and third-party scholarship support. SU will help provide resources to assist with the fundraising process.
8. How can I obtain further information about the GSP program, the admissions process, or the online application?
Please contact [email protected] if you have any additional questions after reviewing the material on the SU web site, and checking the online admissions portal. We’re here to help!